Self-Explanatory! A talk with another broker.

(9:01:02 AM) You feel a disturbance in the force…
(9:01:21 AM) $8: hi
(9:01:40 AM) Alpa Sevak: bolo sir
(9:01:29 AM) $8: alpa, pls check if my limit is in.
(9:02:10 AM) Alpa Sevak: ok
(9:03:20 AM) Alpa Sevak: sir we setting ur limits give me 2min
(9:03:58 AM) $8: ok
(9:05:50 AM) Alpa Sevak: limit has been set.

(9:05:50 AM) $8: not enough
(9:10:37 AM) $8: ok. thank u
(9:11:03 AM) Alpa Sevak: tmy pleasure

(9:11:40 AM) $8: sony i am trying to buy 5100 pe x 3000 and sell 4800 pe x 3000 for 70 points debit.
(9:13:13 AM) $8: can i do that in that limit.
(9:13:18 AM) $8: or how to execute that.
(9:17:21 AM) Alpa Sevak: give me 5min … we are checking the span margin for ur hedge position
(9:17:30 AM) $8: ok

(9:29:21 AM) Alpa Sevak: sir its june month or july ?
(9:29:44 AM) $8: july
(9:29:47 AM) Alpa Sevak: ok
(9:35:23 AM) Alpa Sevak: sir in the position wht u want to do …sapn margin is 297lakh
(9:37:02 AM) Alpa Sevak: u can do same hedge position of 2000 qty which will be in the limit what u had been given for ur account
(9:37:45 AM) $8: ok noted.

(9:38:45 AM) Alpa Sevak: u can do the same hedge position but 2000 qty each which will be in the limit .

(9:38:46 AM) Alpa Sevak: k
(9:45:38 AM) $8: full margin on short pe is it?
(9:46:09 AM) $8: +5100PE X 3000 + -4800PE X 3000 = Margin 2.97 Lakhs.
(9:46:41 AM) Alpa Sevak: yes but 2.97 lakh is span margin
(9:47:01 AM) $8: how much is futures margin, i dont know, can u pls tell me.
(9:47:57 AM) Alpa Sevak: +5100PE X 2000 + -4800PE X 2000 = Margin 1.98 Lakhs which is span margin
(9:48:22 AM) Alpa Sevak: 1 NIfty margin is 26000
(9:48:37 AM) $8: for 50 or 100?
(9:48:41 AM) Alpa Sevak: 50
(9:48:44 AM) $8: ok.

(9:50:03 AM) $8: i understand
(12:12:52 PM) $8: live commentary,
(12:12:57 PM) $8: on nifty m12.
(2:28:37 PM) $8: you there.
(2:28:48 PM) Alpa Sevak: YUP
(2:28:55 PM) $8: if i tell u square for me, would u know what to do.
(2:29:12 PM) Alpa Sevak: yes i can sqoff from here
(2:29:16 PM) $8: square means, square the position, i am on.
(2:29:18 PM) $8: ok.

(2:29:37 PM) $8: cause u see, i need support, i had prices up there for me, but i cant react as fast as u can do from there.
(2:29:49 PM) Alpa Sevak: ok
(2:30:09 PM) Alpa Sevak: when u will intimate me i do the neefull
(2:30:15 PM) $8: ok. thank u
(2:30:24 PM) Alpa Sevak: welcome

(26/6/2012 10:28:06 AM) Alpa Sevak: GM SIR
(10:28:16 AM) $8: morning
(10:28:58 AM) $8: pls let me know once the limit is in
(10:29:05 AM) Alpa Sevak: OK
(10:29:14 AM) Alpa Sevak: LIMIT HAS BEEN SET
(10:30:02 AM) Alpa Sevak: dear sir
(10:30:16 AM) $8: ok, thamk u.
(10:30:21 AM) Alpa Sevak: when should we deposit next cheque?
(10:30:44 AM) $8: i let u know, there is no need if there is no debit.

(10:31:05 AM) $8: i do not intend to scale up positions just as yet.
(10:32:00 AM) Alpa Sevak: ok sir , if u will carry forward the new position then their will be debit in your acc
(10:32:22 AM) $8: yes, if any at time, there is a need, always ask me before making deposits.
(10:32:36 AM) Alpa Sevak: ok
(10:32:38 AM) Alpa Sevak: done
(10:32:44 AM) Alpa Sevak: thnk yuu

(10:33:00 AM) $8: if we slip down, i may ask u to square. let the direction get clearer.
(10:33:09 AM) $8: or i may add on the break downwards.
(10:33:22 AM) $8: all depends on the pattern been developed.
(10:33:31 AM) Alpa Sevak: ok
(10:33:57 AM) $8:
(10:35:15 AM) $8: i ask u this.
(10:35:44 AM) $8: if we go short on the break of 5098, where should stops be placed? on June Nifty.
End of ———————————————————Stage 1.

(10:36:14 AM) $8: Is your name really Alpa Sevak?
(10:36:25 AM) Alpa Sevak: yes
(10:36:28 AM) Alpa Sevak: why sir?
(10:36:38 AM) $8: Sevak means at ur service. no?

(10:36:52 AM) Alpa Sevak: sevak is my surname sir
(10:37:05 AM) $8: what does it mean?
(10:38:25 AM) Alpa Sevak: sevak means servant of god
(10:38:43 AM) $8: nowadays he aint around. so whom do u serve then?

(10:39:00 AM) Alpa Sevak: to clients like you
(10:39:29 AM) $8: i placed the stop sell trigger, so where should buy stops be placed, for that trade.
(10:39:51 AM) $8: just asking ur feel…. of what’s in store for a market without volume and direction.

(10:40:41 AM) Alpa Sevak: sit
(10:40:47 AM) Alpa Sevak: sir*
(10:40:55 AM) Alpa Sevak: i asked the analyst
(10:40:58 AM) Alpa Sevak: he said
(10:41:06 AM) Alpa Sevak: let the nifty break 5094 on spot
monilshah45: then only will tell u where u have to place a sl
(10:41:25 AM) $8: hmm…

(10:41:54 AM) $8: if it breaks then where will it settle at lower?
(10:42:23 AM) $8: i be back in abit. i dont have u on my list, whats ur email addy, so i can add u.
(10:42:39 AM) Alpa Sevak: approx 5045-5015
(10:42:42 AM) $8: ok.

(10:43:10 AM) $8: note. i need u with me here, cause, at times my connection breaks.
(10:43:13 AM) $8: brb
(10:43:23 AM) Alpa Sevak: fine sir
(10:43:27 AM) Alpa Sevak: m here only
(10:43:30 AM) Alpa Sevak: online

(11:11:04 AM) $8: does the market go up and take stops often these days, or that is lower than before.
(11:11:44 AM) Alpa Sevak: sir it is always like that

(11:13:05 AM) $8: tell me, how long have u been working or in the trade.
(11:13:24 AM) Alpa Sevak: 6 mnths

(11:13:46 AM) $8: ok. what is your recollection of things over the last ten years.
(11:13:54 AM) $8: what is the changes that you see occuring….

(11:15:04 AM) $8: is Mayankk still with the company there, how about kashmira.
(11:15:21 AM) Alpa Sevak: no sir

(11:15:35 AM) Alpa Sevak: mayank left the company a month back
(11:15:53 AM) Alpa Sevak: kasmira got promoted and now sits at RO
(11:16:11 AM) $8: in other words, the men are not that strong.

(11:16:54 AM) Alpa Sevak: actually she has been shifted and not promoted
(11:45:26 AM) $8: My stops are in.

(11:45:45 AM) $8: alpa, whats ur email addy, that u use for this account, so i can add u here.
(11:46:04 AM) Alpa Sevak: [email protected]
(11:46:14 AM) $8: ur using this with yahoo IM?
(11:46:18 AM) Alpa Sevak: yes
(11:46:21 AM) $8: ok.

(11:47:01 AM) $8: Unable to add buddy [email protected] to group India to the server list on account websubit

(11:47:16 AM) Alpa Sevak: wait sir
(11:47:23 AM) Alpa Sevak: i am sending you invitee\
(11:48:03 AM) $8: ok. i saw u.
(11:48:08 AM) alpasevak: ok

(12:08:25 PM) $8: are you a girl?
(12:08:40 PM) $8: u seem conservative in ur responses, whenever asked.
(12:09:00 PM) alpasevak: yes m a girl
(12:09:04 PM) $8: once it breaks low on June, pls buzz me, we need to move stops.
(12:09:12 PM) alpasevak: definitely sir

(12:09:18 PM) $8: u can see my book right.
(12:09:24 PM) alpasevak: in touch with analyst\
(12:09:38 PM) alpasevak: yes
(12:09:47 PM) alpasevak: i can see your account here
(12:10:19 PM) $8: I never believe anything i hear from anyone.

(12:10:23 PM) alpasevak: you have placed stop loss of 5142
(12:11:10 PM) $8: brb… 5mins.
(12:11:17 PM) alpasevak: ok
(12:11:22 PM) $8: stocks will drop and so will INR.
(12:11:33 PM) $8: coming soon to a neighbour hood near u.

(12:11:52 PM) alpasevak: ok
(12:11:55 PM) alpasevak: good sir
(12:13:07 PM) $8: alpa ur watching history in the making.
(12:13:19 PM) $8: i hope u can comprehend whats going on.
(12:13:42 PM) alpasevak: sir i am not getting what you are trying to say

(12:13:53 PM) $8: how old are u?
(12:13:59 PM) alpasevak: why sir?
(12:14:02 PM) $8: how do u view the world?
(12:14:09 PM) $8: do u think its normal?

(12:25:08 PM) $8: You are very young, i would estimate no later than 23-30 yrs of age. You are green, new in this world, of trading, politics, and subjects like global issues such as the world financial crisis, global wars, global resources fight, and you possible do not realise that world war 3 has already started for more than a decade.

(12:26:04 PM) alpasevak: aware of the current global crisis world is facing
(12:26:16 PM) alpasevak: not very keen to know the history

(12:26:47 PM) $8: Subjects, such as the collapse of the empire USA and the cultural collapse of the western world of capitalism is under threat, a threat so great in the face of this global depression, which has far greater consequences, if you consider the largest amount of debt portfolios, derivatives portfolios has never been far greater ever in the history of Mankind.

(12:27:34 PM) alpasevak: collapse of USA itself is like a wrld wor 3

(12:27:56 PM) alpasevak: entire wrld is suffering

(12:28:51 PM) $8: Someone said, may you live in interesting times and indeed these are interesting times, that we are living in, its history in the making, people like Anna Hazare, Ron Paul, Barrack Obama, Bernanke, George Soros, Manmohan Singh, Sonia & Rahul Gandhi, Mohammed Gadafi, and various others actors have already made in the history books of these current years.

(12:31:13 PM) alpasevak: yes definitely

(12:31:18 PM) $8: There is global revolution going on, due to the causes of high unemployment, unhappiness over the wars, fear of the death of planet earth due to global warming, a story spinned off by great ex-vicepresident of USA, Mr Al Gore, who spinned the whole story, so that he could get his plan and agenda of commercializing the kyoto protocal and make money off the sales/purchase of carbon credits and make huge amounts of money in the process.

(12:31:37 PM) $8: The Elite had planned, to even sell AIR to the human race.

(12:33:06 PM) $8: They already introduced property taxes, on a yearly basis, making every landlord a slave to their group (the government), when that happenned, every humans dwelling became their property, they can auction away the landlords rights, for non payment of those taxes.

(12:33:45 PM) $8: They already charge for everything, that their slave category, the rest of the people from the land.

(12:34:02 PM) alpasevak: glad to hear these things which add to my knowledge

(12:34:33 PM) $8: even water is charged and even swerage is charged, they made big businesses out of services, places like singapore, they charge 60% of clean water as a swerage charge.

(12:34:50 PM) $8: you consume you pay!, you don’t consume you suffer!.

(12:35:07 PM) $8: and whatever you consume, their wastage of that is also charged.

(12:35:28 PM) $8: such is the live of humans in this era of mankind.

(12:36:54 PM) $8: Wars are brewed up, and declared openly, as Quest for capture/invasion/fights are taken, so as to capture and take charge of the last resources of the planet.

(12:38:17 PM) $8: If a country has excessive gold, coal, oil, or natural resources such as large under ground water reserrviors, or rare earth, Wars will come to that country, as everyone fights for the last resources in order to have their governments survive, cause public dissent is a historical highs.

(12:40:50 PM) $8: Am i saying something wrong !. Tell me AM I?.

(12:41:23 PM) alpasevak: no sir

(12:41:41 PM) $8: So now tell me, how old are u?

(12:42:08 PM) alpasevak: falling into bar that you mentioned

(12:43:03 PM) $8: thank you for the compliment, my analylitical shills are good, i had thought, i lost the knack.

(12:43:26 PM) $8: so in other words, I am good. Thank you for knowing that.

(12:44:43 PM) $8: you see all my life, all i have been doing, is strategising how the world will behave in 5yrs, or 8yrs ahead, and when i have identified that, i play a set of cards and see if i am right or wrong, at times, i have opened offices, or businesses, just in order to obtain such data, that data once i can access, i make strategies and decisions based around that.

(12:47:30 PM) $8: data is what drives all set of actions, events also are a set of data, various events drive, next steps forward for all mankind, just like it said in the books, you shall reap what you sow. Our group of heroes on the planet, the leaders whom we entrusted our rights, for the civil adminstration to the functioning of our society, we first gave up those rights to our village elders.

(12:48:00 PM) $8: are you with me?
(12:48:18 PM) alpasevak: yes

(12:50:41 PM) $8: the range of your age, is a very large one. Break it down a little bit more. So how old are you? Are you above 26? cause if you below this, then you become someone whose life revolves around, “I need to find a man to marry, before i become old and ugly or you are in the batch, that is into fashion magazies, watching the latest fashion bags, and shoes and know whats the next sex in the city type of tv series, timewaste hobbies.

(12:52:02 PM) alpasevak: below 26

(12:53:11 PM) $8: you are watching the prices for me, right? Buzz me if, June nifty trades above 5129.20 and on the lower side, please buzz me, if we clear 5111 on the downside.
(12:53:27 PM) alpasevak: ofcourse
(12:53:35 PM) alpasevak: that is what am here for
(12:54:15 PM) $8: do you see, how i am eliminating all the possibilities of your age, and now i am coming closer to determining your real age. This is what is called, a strategist.
(12:54:35 PM) alpasevak: will definitelyu update you on mrkt prices
(12:59:01 PM) $8: MY old personal broker, Mayankk has left, cause, i think, he knows what is coming next.
(12:59:38 PM) alpasevak: ok

(12:59:40 PM) $8: I warned him almost two years ago, to start becoming a prepper, I told him to stack up on food, how high prices are coming, high inflation, hyperinflation for India.

(1:00:04 PM) $8: How public dissent will rise that governments will fall.

(1:12:07 PM) alpasevak: SIR

(1:12:11 PM) alpasevak: NIFTY NEW HIGH

(1:12:13 PM) alpasevak: 5131
(1:12:20 PM) alpasevak has buzzed you!
(1:13:30 PM) alpasevak has buzzed you!

(1:19:32 PM) $8: Yeah, just saw that. This is getting to be interesting.
(1:19:51 PM) $8: high 5138.55 and i parked sufficiently high.

(1:20:00 PM) alpasevak: OK
(1:20:30 PM) $8: Possibly ranges here for a while, and then breaks lower than 5125, confirming a peak of todays day high.

(1:20:42 PM) $8: a break above, puts me in danger, and then i have to wonder.
(1:20:54 PM) alpasevak: rihgt
(1:20:59 PM) alpasevak: right*

(1:21:18 PM) $8: so there you have it, new two levels to watch.
(1:21:42 PM) $8: 5124.80-5140.00
(1:21:48 PM) alpasevak: yes

(1:23:41 PM) $8: This is your lesson in history, a course in trading, and general development to becoming a strategist.

(1:24:48 PM) alpasevak: definitely gaining knowledge
(1:25:12 PM) $8: what will you give me in exchange?
(1:25:31 PM) alpasevak: good service
(1:25:37 PM) $8: and….
(1:25:52 PM) alpasevak: mrkt updates

(1:26:25 PM) $8: and

(1:26:59 PM) $8: who is giving market updates? you or me? Am i getting this right? Is that what you proposed to offer me?

(1:27:19 PM) $8: come on, give me something more.

(1:27:27 PM) alpasevak: by mrkt updates i mean price levels

(1:27:32 PM) alpasevak: sir
(1:27:43 PM) alpasevak: its 5124.50 nw
(1:27:51 PM) $8: yes, thank u.

(1:28:18 PM) $8: so lets move the levels, 5115-5135
(1:28:25 PM) alpasevak: ok

(1:28:36 PM) $8: so, now now tell me, what else you will give me.

(1:36:01 PM) alpasevak: its 5136

(1:37:01 PM) $8: I can teach you a skill, that can make you rich, you can profit from the collapse, and even provide you with all my skills that i have learned in my life. I can be your mentor for life? and you are not willing to wager anything for this knowledge?. What else can you offer me?.

(1:37:34 PM) $8: 5140 has to hold, let me check my sources.

(1:38:14 PM) $8: 5140 on cash….. cash still looks lagging.

(1:38:28 PM) alpasevak: ok

(1:38:49 PM) $8: Dow futures are up, Europe looks stable. Asia remains mixed.
(1:39:10 PM) $8: Its been propped up.. looking for more stops, maybe.
(1:39:35 PM) $8: I keep the stops mental at 5156.35

(1:39:48 PM) $8: make that a stops on close… so watch it.. to close it.
(1:39:54 PM) alpasevak: ok

(1:40:18 PM) $8: you know whats a “stop on close”, instruction means, right?
(1:40:41 PM) $8: referred to as MOC.

(1:47:52 PM) $8: Maybe its hovering here, tries the high once more, then eases off into the close, like yesterday.

(1:47:59 PM) $8: what do you think?

(1:52:37 PM) $8: you know whats a “stop on close”, instruction means, right?, referred to as MOC., Maybe its hovering here, tries the high once more, then eases off into the close, like yesterday. what do you think? If 41 is the high, 100pts down, should take us, closer to 5065 on the low today.

(2:14:36 PM) $8: Alpa…. are you watching for me!. It has broken down our levels.

(2:14:42 PM) Buzzing alpasevak…
(2:14:50 PM) alpasevak: yes
(2:14:51 PM) alpasevak: sir
(2:14:55 PM) alpasevak: just a second ago
(2:15:01 PM) alpasevak: was about to buzz
(2:15:10 PM) $8: Girl, please focus.
(2:15:22 PM) alpasevak: yes was on call sir

(2:17:30 PM) $8: Making money is indeed hard. New low has yet to be broken, 5090 is now your key level. Topside, 5025.50 should hold.
2:17:46 PM) alpasevak: ok

(2:22:55 PM) $8: It may also see a sea of red tonight… the possibilities are there.
(2:23:08 PM) alpasevak: ok