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Short the Loonie, proxy to US Stock Markets

The loonie has been extremely resilient in the emergence of the US Dollar, which is gaining ground lately against most of the Majors, with the loonie been the most defiant, seems when the turnaround comes, the Loonie will provide confirmation of a stock market peak.  last USDCAD:0.9931, Key levels are 0.9950 close above signals, short term low in place, a sustained move above 1.0050 puts in on track for 1.0275 and potentially higher levels,  a move below 0.9975 (close below) questions this bias.

Market Stalling Are we done yet The rally…

Market Stalling. Are we done yet? The rally since last december seems like a never ending story, everyday up without fail or very small down, we are near the 52 weeks high on the DOW today, another 20pts and it would have been a New High. In this run up, the SP and Nasdaq are weaker in comparison, Whats going on here folks? Is someone holding the market up. That’s the feeling that i get…..

Then if we look again, the dow only comprises of 30 Stocks, anyone buying these stocks up and providing the world with Hope, is certainly doing a very nice job.

The Baltic Index is near 2008 Lows.

In any case, I think today we have a chance of a turnaround, the Euro and the Dollar are both near their corrective levels. We were indeed oversold on the euro at 1.25 Zone, there had to be a short squeeze coming, when FX IMM currency bets were at the highest against the euro. The squeeze is here guys and think its near about done. Lets see if 1.3225 holds or not. I feel todays 1.3180 was about it, and we turn from around these levels.

Dow has given back most of its gains and its trading near its lows. It may break down into the close. if it does, maybe this could be the first leg down for the top.

Alternatively we may only top somewhere around March 2012. Lets see how this trade plays out. Taking a long stand on the USDCHF.

Break lower on the Dow, will take a short on the march dow or get some puts.

USDCHF is behaving according to plan Are stocks…

USDCHF is behaving according to plan. Are stocks headed higher or we are just going to get a cover gap then return to the recent lows and closing lower a percent or more for the day. USDCHF topside appears cap at 9415 for a attempt towards “inbetween lows” for now. Break above and new highs, should target 0.94525

System goes long at 76.77 Break on USDJPY…

System goes long at 76.77 Break on USDJPY, USDCHF is well supported at 0.9333, I need to get in between, todays high and 0.9333. 0.93525 will be a good entry level, albeit expensive, if we have a failure at the stock market highs, a bounce could emerge, cause i be discouraged to buy below 0.9333, as 0.9242 could be threatened.

if there is a second attempt tonight. I could get into this trade.
Its possible, stocks have already made their highs.