WWW3-The collapse, The end of an Empire.

It had all started in september 2001, the shadow face of the ruler of the world, is exposed by the attacks on the twin towers and america enters the war.

In retaliation, usa enters into afghanistan then Iraq, on the day, the move on IRAQ in 2003, market a bottom for the downmove of the dot com collapse.

25/06/2012- russia”s budget carries the price of oil on its books at 150$, now russia has to make very tough decisions.

Market is worried, no demand too much supply, if so oil could see as low as 60$ a barrel.

Not just Greece and Spain, but all countries should default on their government debt because this debt is weighing down the economy and that doesn’t help anybody or anything. These debts will never be repaid anyway, so why let this debt cancer spread for decades to come? Get over with it, and write it in the constitution that governments should spend within their means. People’s savings will then have nowhere to go but into real businesses with real ideas that create real jobs.

On oil prices at the pump
The price at the pump doesn’t go down as fast as we’d like, but that’s just basic economics. Buy low, sell high. If they bought the oil they’re selling at $90/barrel, then they have to set a price per gallon that allows them to remain competitive but also out of the red. So, when we finally get to using the barrels we paid $75 for, the prices at the pump will go down accordingly. Then, when the price of oil goes back up, businesses have to prepare for higher costs, making the price at the pump react more quickly.

Where has all the money gone to? If the well known banks don’t have it, who does? Somebody or some institution has got the money! the true worry is on doubling the threat of EGYPT and IRAN now.

WOORIES??: Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, France, England, United States, Mideast, Mexico, Banks, Private sector, Social Security, Pension Funds, Oil, Election, Pollution, Passbook Deposits, Auto Industry, Unemployment, Jobs, War, Young People, Gay People, Education, Local funding, Immigration, Tusnami Debris, Energy, Abortion, Religion, Facebook, Drugs, Wikileaks, go ahead and add a few more!

forgot about corruption, rising crime, real estate bust, oversupply, diminishing growth prospects, middle east revolution, global protects add the mix of high inflation, its not a worry anymore. Its fearful as death.

Pressure builds up among the elite. Vice President Joe Biden warned President Barack Obama that the underlying rationale for the 2009 troop surge in Afghanistan was profoundly flawed, according to a leaked memo that is set to be published this week in a new book about the war in Afghanistan.